Do Pakistani Girls Like to Wear Western Clothes?

Pakistan is at the peak of its fashion development the haute couture fusing to create new and innovative designs for women represents that the trend has finally been changed. New faces and fresh blood have produced some of the most daring and beautiful styles for Pakistani women, combining western dressing and imagination.

Women's fondness for fashion has substantially changed morality and spirituality, suggesting a preference for market luxury to even pretentiousness. Another important reason the Pakistan female population is moving towards western dressing predominantly urban street style is Western influence.

Pakistan has a conventional notion of traditionalist dressing; designs & collections produced by Pakistani fashion artists are evidence of the creative synthesis between East and West fashion. The shift in fashion is primarily due to the effects of "Hollywood."

Pakistani women, especially girls, can be seen adorning topspants, and other western attire, mixing it with eastern ensembles to create their wardrobe staples. Pakistani girls prefer western dressing because styles and designs are pretty comfortable and easy to wear. There could be many other reasons, but we cannot neglect that western dressing is becoming a trend and increasing daily popularity.

Like always, this year, there is a significant and unique collection unveiled by prominent labels for winter styles and colours. You can choose from infinite choices of tops, bottoms, coats, sweaters, boots, headwear, etc. To stay at the top of winter's fashion, we have made a list to ensure your wardrobe is up for the Fashion Trends of 2022:

Knit Sweaters

Knit sweaters are an essential wardrobe article for winters to give you the style and fashion statements. Opt for knit sweaters with chunky yarn designed with an on-neck and embolized patterns. Long sleeves and trims that are ribbed are the western fashion of today.


Block-Solid Color Cardigans

Cardigans are typical winter articles for women. The simplicity lies in the way of wearing it. It comes in various colours but, black continues to top the list. The wool blocks the cold wind and frosty atmosphere while giving a chic look at the same time. The woollen cardigans come in countless types; it depends on your choice.

Checkered Pea-Coat

When we talk about winters, the most important thing is to keep oneself warm. For this, woollen clothes work a lot. There are coats that women can offer both warmth and stylish looks. Opt for a checkered pea-coat if you wish to wear western attire for formal meetings or gatherings in Pakistan.

Faux Fur Lining Dress

When we talk about winter fashion and styles, no one can forget this dress. The cloth is relatively thicker in comparison to others. Also, there are many options available in the dress- you can choose in floral platters, plain, etc., for a uniquely beautiful look. It can even wear it at parties or small functions as well. The faux fur lining cloth remains quite expensive, popular, and stylish.

But, again, there is a mindset behind these dresses and all that what are we representing through clothing. Today's generation discusses several aspects of fashion trends. Many of us argue that we must learn to go with the flow, and therefore picking new trends is a suggested option. But most people also consider that traditional clothes embody our identity and culture as Pakistan women.

A misconception that we as Pakistani face in our younger generation is that Western wear depicts their freedom. No. Fashion is just fashion- nothing of it can symbolize freedom. People can add their ideas to make it tasteful, stylish, and elegant. Following western fashion trends help individuals, particularly youngsters, cope with recent trends and peer pressure. Hence, this domino effect in accepting their personality amongst the open-minded society. Following the latest fashion trends exhibits that you're up-to-date and in touch with the outside world.

You can buy western dresses from shops or shop online. Many online fashion stores offer premium quality western dresses and other clothing attires. Women's fashion in western wear has a boom in Pakistan as well. If you're looking for both eastern and western wear online in Pakistan, then Zivni would be the best choice because of the clothing quality, premium fabric, unparalleled stitching, shipping  & packaging  etc. Browse the website and grab your favourite stuff on winter discounts and bundle offerings.

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