Delivery Return Policy

Zivni acknowledges the customer’s preferences and works to make our products up-to-the-mark and beyond your expectations. We apologize for the inconvenience caused in case of any incomplete, damaged or wrong product. However, in such a case, feel free to contact us at 03008594864 because “You Come First”. To have the appropriate customer cycle, we ensure the implementation of proper regulations.

  • For refunds or any other queries, you can call us within 30 days of parcel delivery and all claims will be handled after being approved from the quality department.
  • To track sale in case of an exchange, e-receipt or invoices are required but please make sure that the product on sale or are not eligible for exchange.
  • In the case of unused or unworn products, the exchange can be provided but tags should be attached.
  • All the products come with 1 Month free service warranty but after that charges will be implemented.
  • Though we love to care for our customers but in case of defected products due to mishandling or courier service issues, price of purchase will be refunded, or products might be exchanged.
  • In case of refunds, mishandled products or wrongly shipped ones can be compensated however, please make sure to claim within 30 days.
  • In case of any kind of sale, the final price for any exchange will be the same as the final price of that product in sale.
  • Credit receipts will be shared with the customers for refunds.
  • With authorization from both the service centre and customer’s end, products can be exchanged with a proof of receipt within 30 working days (subject to availability).